Ken Jenny is one of the sharpest analysts of the real estate technology landscape. I relied on his perspective and advice many times throughout the years as he is able to see around corners. I highly respect his opinion and professionalism.
— Spencer Rascoff, Co-Founder and former CEO, Zillow

As a U.S. immigrant fresh off the boat, I had little to no nuanced understanding of the residential real estate industry. Ken was a strategic teacher and mentor who helped me learn 10 years worth of insights in a year and set Trulia on the right path with our industry strategy from the very beginning. And best of all, his values and integrity were never in question, which is the most important thing I consider when trying to find a team member or advisor to work with (and there was no dull moment working together).
— Sami Inkinen, Co-Founder and former President, Trulia

Over the last 20 years and during the growth of my last four real estate tech companies, Ken Jenny has been an incredibly valuable advisor and trusted partner. Ken’s intimate knowledge of the history of the industry, the people that make a difference and his insight into where the real estate industry is headed is unparalleled. I would highly recommend Ken for any company competing in the real estate industry that wants to accelerate growth and separate from the competition.
— David Rubin, Co-Founder, OJO Labs

Ken is one of those rare individuals who not only gets it, but can share it. I’ve known Ken a long time and I cannot remember one incident where Ken’s insights didn’t bring real value to every conversation.
— Gary Keller, Chairman and CEO, Keller Williams Realty

Ken has one of the keenest minds in the real estate industry. He understands the nuances and foibles of the industry and he sees around the bend for opportunities and threats ahead. Ken is easy to work with and is dedicated to his clients and partners.
— Brad Inman, Co-Owner and Chairman, Inman News

While Ken is a veteran and industry warrior, his relevance, insight and perspective has never been more fresh and spot on. Ken has demonstrated time and again great vision in aligning successful initiatives with consumer or agent acceptance and engagement. Ken has an ability and eye to separate winning strategy and product from those that fail. When Ken speaks I listen.
— Dan Forsman, President & CEO, Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Georgia Properties

Ken is one of the most influential leaders and innovators in the industry. His consulting firm has a 24-year track record of success with a client list composed of the industry’s most influential real estate and technology brands. He constantly challenges my assumptions, forces me to see issues from multiple perspectives, and has been an important sounding board for the two companies I own as well.
— Bernice Ross, CEO and President, BrokerageUP!, Inc.

There a many consultants in our industry, a lot of them are ‘in between’ or aren’t true talent. Ken is a true professional, he has a great mind, great experience and he has complete integrity.
— Chris Heller, CEO, melloHome and Former CEO, Keller Williams Realty

I enjoy meeting with Ken because I consider him one of the most forward thinking people in an industry that is replete with people who lack vision. Ken’s ‘out of the box’ thinking is motivating and he has assisted me tremendously with my company. I consider Ken a go-to person who listens, processes and provides solid advice to me that has helped reshape our company.
— Michael Hickman, President and CEO, Seven Gables Real Estate

Ken Jenny approaches topics with intensity and passion. I always appreciate hearing his perspective on the future of real estate. Ken advocates for what he believes is best for his clients, the consumer and the industry with a contrarian vision. His innovative, forward thinking makes his voice one to be heard and understood.
— Denee Evans, CEO, Council of MLS’s

Ken is a seasoned guy who understands how technology can be wielded as a competitive weapon in our increasingly competitive industry. But even more importantly, he’s a strategic thinker who will tell you like it is. There are lots of people who will tell you what you want to hear, and very few who will tell you what you need to hear – Ken has consistently been willing to do that when almost no one else is. I value that tremendously.
— York Baur, CEO, MoxiWorks

There is no one in the real estate industry who can give the breadth and depth of guidance as well as Ken Jenny. Ken has seen it all and knows where this industry is headed. He is not afraid to challenge the status quo and provides consultation for the future. Ken is able to see real estate trends before anyone else and was instrumental to the success of Opcity. In addition to being a real estate encyclopedia, Ken has a phenomenal rolodex and knows the right players in the right organizations. His introductions to key decision makers and large clients allowed us to scale quickly with the best players. Opcity could not be where we are today without him.
— Ben Rubenstein, Co-Founder and CEO, Opcity

Ken Jenny has been instrumental in bolstering RealScout’s growth over the past 5 plus years. It’s a rare privilege to work with a proven strategist like Ken — he is someone who has experience working alongside the CEOs of several 8-figure and 9-figure real estate technology companies. It’s no coincidence that Ken is often found behind the scenes at the very epicenter of many of the industry’s transformations.
— Andrew Flachner, Co-Founder and President, RealScout