The Historical Residential Real Estate Equity Bleed is Happening - Now

More confirmation of what I have characterized as the inevitable.

The equity in the residential real estate brokerage brokerage industry is on the move.

Since I wrote about this subject last week, have you given any further thought to stopping the “equity bleed” from your company?  If not, I highly suggest that you do.

My prediction.

Next year, Compass will take the #2 position in the rankings and what will be the biggest shock?  They are NOT manufacturing equity, they are systematically recruiting it away form companies like yours.

And when it comes to an ultimate measurement of value, Compass as a company will soon take that multiple to the Street, Wall Street, with what I predict will be an IPO of a market value of in excess of $5 billion.  So if you thought it was crazy for SoftBank and others to invest in excess of $1 billion in Compass, I suggest you might want to think again.

Today is the first day of the effort you should be making to retain your agents and keep your equity - but time is of the essence.  Lead, follow or simply get out of the way as your equity has now become the primary target of your next competitor.

The time for you to act is now.

Have a great day!