It's About Time, and That Time is Now

Simply stated.

If you have not yet read this Rob Hahn blog, you really should do so now.

Instead of blogging about this message, you can read my comment at the end of Rob’s article.

In case you haven’t noticed, things are heating up on "the consumer of real estate services front.”  Options and alternative new ways of doing old things are surfacing and are being offered up to the consumer now.  And now it gets interesting.

The question you need to ask yourself might be this one. 

If the consumer has already begun to signal that they are willing to pay more and to net less just to avoid using your services, how can that in anyway be a good thing?

The iBuyer offer of a much simplified, improved consumer experience is just the beginning of “what is to be next.”  Time is of the essence.  There has never been any doubt about that.. 

But what is crystal clear now, is that this is the time for change.

Have a great day!